Industry Course in Photovoltaic Systems

7 E-learning modules and 2 days physical workshop in state-of-the art photovoltaics laboratories

February and March 2023

online from anywhere
Online from anywhere

Course in Photovoltaic Systems

The Applied Photovoltaics Research team at DTU Electro is offering a flexible course in photovoltaic systems combining 7 online modules a 2 day workshop for maximum flexibility of the studying. The course gives the student a solid foundation in the engineering concepts used in the design and construction of photovoltaic systems. First academic degree in engineering, science or related field of studies is needed to follow the course.

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the working principles of the individual system components including, cells, modules, electronics and balance of system (BOS) components. The student will become knowledgeable in the entire value chain of photovoltaic (PV) systems from how modules are fabricated to how photovoltaic systems are designed.

Major subjects of the course

Your teachers

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Sergiu Spataru
Associate Professor, DTU Electro

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Gisele Alves dos Reis Benatto,
Researcher, DTU Electro

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Luca Morino
Research Assistant, DTU Electro

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Sune Thorsteinsson
PV studyline coordinator, DTU Electro

image speaker 15

Markus Babin
PhD student, DTU Electro

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Rodrigo Del Prado Santamaria
PhD student, DTU Electro


Week 1
Introduction to solar irradiation Introduction to photovoltaics
Solar irradiation
Solar potential
Week 2
Solar cells and solar cell modules Photovoltaic principle
Solar cells
Solar cell modules
Interconnection of Solar modules Environmental
factors influencing power production
Week 3
Electronic components Power point tracking
Electrical conversion
Dimensioning of inverters
Week 4
Energy yield modelling Photovoltaic system
Energy Yield
System losses
Exercise in PVsyst - Land based system
Week 5
PV Installations Installation types and architectures (applications)
Balance of system components
Grid connection
Week 6
2 days Physical at Risø Campus
Practical exercises Intro and module design
Module fabrication
Module characterization
Field performance
Site assessment
Week 7
Site assessment Understand the principle of operation behind site assessment tools
Be able to interpret a horizon shading diagram
Be able to analyze the horizon shading loss at a location
Week 8
Economy, operation and maintenance Cash flow in a PV plant
Capex of a PV plant
Operation and maintenance of a PV plant
Techno economic KPIs


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